Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

What do I do after a water loss?

After a flood in this school gym, there was a lot of problems for the continuation of using the facility. Depending on the needs of your clients there are some ... READ MORE

Water Damage, Jamestown, New York

This damaged room in Jamestown, NY was the result of a leaking roof. We were able to get in and repair the damage quickly. The customer was pleased with the res... READ MORE

Water Damage, Jamestown, NY

This water damaged office in Jamestown, NY was the result of a leaking roof. Ceiling, floors and walls were damaged. The customer was happy with the results and... READ MORE

Water loss in Chautauqua, NY

Can you believe this basement flooded the day before Mother's Day? Disasters always seem to happen around a holiday. Our technicians know that they will be work... READ MORE

Water Loss in Chautauqua, NY

Here is another picture of the Mother's Day flood but from another angle. The water was not as deep on this as there was a slight pitch to the flooring. Concret... READ MORE

Dirt build up in Bradford, PA

This beautiful home has a beautiful porch. The front is made of a beautiful colonial style brick work. However, it was hardly noticeable because of the years of... READ MORE