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Can SERVPRO Complete Mold Removal in an Entire Building in Jamestown?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician with equipment in hand Mold remediation for a commercial building is a job for none other than SERVPRO. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all phases of the job

Does SERVPRO Offer Restoration After Mold Removal in Jamestown Buildings?

Mold contamination in a commercial building in Jamestown can cause significant operations problems for many businesses. Employees and customers may report a strong odor when they enter your building or perhaps from specific areas of your structure. Mold can cause health effects, so building managers must address the mold problem as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO provides mold removal services to companies and businesses in Jamestown. We remove all mold-contaminated materials, clean porous materials, clean dust, and settled mold spores, and we dry the structure to prevent further mold growth.

Mold needs moisture, food, and warmth to grow. Our technicians inspect your building and identify the source of the moisture. All contaminated porous materials are carefully removed to avoid further contamination and spread of spores. Non-porous materials that cannot be cleaned are bagged and removed from the building for disposal. 

SERVPRO provides additional services that many building managers appreciate:

  • Clean all surfaces from the top of the structure to the bottom to remove all mold spores
  • Dry the area where moisture caused the initial mold contamination
  • Repair and reconstruction of a structure damaged by mold infestations

We respond within 4 hours of your call, and we focus on returning your companies operations to normal as fast as possible. Every day your building is closed represents lost revenues and employees out of work.

Call SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean for mold removal in Jamestown and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (716) 338-4901.

Get the Most Out of Your Water Damage Remediation Company for Your Jamestown Home

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Washing machine with leaking hose Any leak in your home can lead to water damage. Call on SERVPRO for assistance with water removal and remediation efforts right away.

Washing Machine Drain Hoses Can Cause Water Damage

The drain hose on your washing machine is busted, so what now? Without a fix, water can quickly penetrate washroom floors and carpeting, potentially damaging the subflooring. Our professionals can limit water damage in your home and help prevent hazards such as rotting.

When it comes to water damage in your Jamestown home, time is of the essence, which is why we can respond to your calls 24 hours a day to begin the mitigation process quickly. Once dispatched, our IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, certified professionals can rapidly arrive at your Jamestown home to begin mitigating water damage. Our techs start by inspecting your home to find the source of the leak. We can repair minor drainage hose issues; however, a plumber may be needed in cases of severe leaks. Once the source of a water leak has been plugged, our SERVPRO technicians can get to work extracting water from your home. Leaks from household appliances like washing machines are often minor, and we can use industrial-grade wet vacuums to clean up standing water.

Water Clean Up in Jamestown

Once the water is removed, we can start searching for excess moisture in your home. Detecting the extent of moisture penetration in your carpeting and flooring is as easy as using moisture meters. If excess moisture is detected in your carpeting, we can use carpet tools to disengage carpet from the subflooring. Once your house and carpeting have been dried, we can reattach and reseal your carpets. However, some carpeting may have to be discarded and replaced if it is severely water damaged.

To help ensure that your sub-flooring is not at risk of rotting, we can deploy air movers to force water out of your floor. Dehumidifiers can also draw moisture out of the wood to quickly dry out your home.

If you have experienced a washing machine leak and need assistance, contact SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901. We are available 24/7 and can immediately put you on track to getting your home back in order.

Steps SERVPRO Takes to Ensure Quality Fire Damage Restoration in Olean

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle A fire in your home can be very stressful. Let our skilled fire remediation specialists help get your house back to feeling like a home again.

How We Ensure Quality of Our Fire Damage Restorations

With the help of a certified restoration company like SERVPRO, fire damages can become painless to work through. We train our technicians to provide expert service and handle a wide range of variables at once, but even our most veteran technicians sometimes make mistakes. Thus, we have established an extensive process to help ensure that every last bit of damage to your home receives the attention it deserves.

Quality Control Inspection of Fire Damage

As we wrap up fire damage restorations in Olean, our production manager examines every inch of the building to identify the damage left behind. The production manager is a veteran SERVPRO employee whose task is coordinating and observing the actions of our crews on all of our projects. If they identify any potential problems in the area, they get logged into our system, and our technicians return to fix them through all available means. Typically, the production manager finds several minor problems, but it is infrequent to identify any large-scale issues at this stage.

Customer Walk-Through

Once the production manager feels that our fire damage restoration is complete, they schedule an appointment with you to conduct a joint walk-through of your home. During this walk-through, you can identify any areas or objects that you feel may require additional attention. We record all of these problems individually and work through them until you are satisfied with the results. We never close the project without your direct approval and signature - this helps us ensure quality and completion for every job we take.

Follow-Up Calls After Fire Damage Restoration

Even though we try to be as thorough as possible in our final inspections, we may still miss damaged items in your home. To ensure that we have done our job thoroughly, we place one or more follow-up calls to ensure complete satisfaction with our work. Furthermore, if you ever find additional signs of damage after the project closes, please contact us. We would be more than happy to rectify the issue.

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean provides 24/7 coverage of fire, water, and mold emergencies for local homeowners. Call us at (716) 338-4901 for our emergency services or a quote.

Water Cleanup from Jamestown Hotel Furniture

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO has state of the art equipment for any water catastrophe in your Jamestown business property.

Attention to Detail Helps us Handle Jamestown Hotel Water Cleanup With Ease

Water damage in a hotel can cause a financial loss in multiple ways. SERVPRO’s business-oriented damage mitigation services help save money on restorations and return rooms to service faster.

One of the primary sources of financial loss for a hotel needing water cleanup in Jamestown is damage to furnishings. Without adequate care, furniture may be damaged beyond repair, forcing costly replacements. Part of our strategy involves an emphasis on proper care for every piece of furniture the water touches. We use penetrating or infrared moisture detection devices to identify objects containing traces of water, even if they appear dry. This helps to stop the spread of mold and eliminate problems before they start.

We can restore most upholstery to the condition it was in before the disaster. We pay attention to detail, drying buttons and zippers beforehand to avoid rusting and oxidation. We use our experience to promote the fastest drying conditions, separating wet and dry components of the furniture and promoting ideal conditions in the local environment. SERVPRO technicians have performed these interventions many times. We may successfully clean up water from:

  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Flood Restoration

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean maintains 24-hour readiness to respond to emerging disasters in the local area. Contact us at (716) 338-4901 for our services or a quote.

Make Your Fire Damage Remediation Dreams a Reality with SERVPRO

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything If fire damage affects your home, you need to be ready to act quickly. Stay safe and contact SERVPRO after the fire fighters leave.

Fire Damage Restoration For Olean Homes

Olean is in a great location to enjoy water sports on Lake Erie, but far enough away to miss much of the extreme weather that rolls off of it in the Fall and Winter. No home here, or anywhere in our state, is safe from a fire just because of where it rests.

Most Olean fire damage does not mean the end of the home. Much of what SERVPRO technicians take care of is removing smoke residues, cleaning floors and carpets, and making repairs like replacing drywall and ceiling tiles.

There are several dos and don’ts that any owner can take care of themselves. Getting these things done or avoiding them can help our restoration teams before they even arrive to begin work.

First, the Do’s of Fire Damage Restoration:  

Have the name of your insurance company, phone number, and policy number ready. Every company has its list of what they repair or replace. Talking to their adjuster lets our technicians quickly record and dispose of everything not restorable.

Turn off the power if any of the outlets were compromised. You can do this at the breaker box or have your power company do it at their end. It allows our team members to look everywhere and tear out walls, floors, and ceilings without the concern of being electrocuted.

Now the Don’ts of Fire Damage Restoration: 

Don’t walk through the house multiple times. Every step grinds ash and smoke residues into the carpets and floors, so staying off them makes restoration easier. If you want to look at a room often, go through the home once with your phone or a video camera. Better yet, let the insurance adjuster do that since she already knows to record everything for the company and avoid further damage.

Don’t demolish anything yourself. Tearing out a burned kitchen cabinet or throw out other damaged property is a normal reaction, but you need to avoid doing it since it might void something off the insurance company’s list. SERVPRO technicians train extensively to break down and remove items from home without spreading ash and smoke residues or causing other damage.

At SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean, our goal is to help our neighbors here and in Olean, Jamestown, and Lakewood return to a clean, safe home ready for living in once more. No matter how little or how much damage you think you might have in your home, call us at (716) 338-4901 today. We are Here to Help.

Our Fire Damage Professionals Repair And Restore Your Jamestown Home

5/31/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged house with a burned roof Does recent fire damage have you feeling anxious? Contact our experienced team for fire damage remediation services right away.

Restoring Fire Damaged Property In Jamestown Homes

Quick access to the Southern Tier Expressway makes Jamestown an excellent location for travel, tourism, and raising a family. The drawbacks are the same as anywhere else, though when it comes to disasters like storms, floods, and fires.

For many homeowners in Jamestown, fire damage restoration is more about the destruction of personal property rather than the home itself. Insurance can replace four walls and a roof, even a bedroom set, but it cannot replace a dining room set handed down through three generations. It is one reason that SERVPRO trains its response team members as Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs). Each learns six specific methods to clean and restore not only property but memories.

Dry Cleaning Soot Damage

Dry Cleaning is the first and most commonly used method. FSRTs have the option to brush off or wipe down surfaces covered with soot left by the fire. Here, they use dry sponges, dusting cloths, and even feather dusters on surfaces like glass tables. For thicker layers of dry soot, they also can use vacuums that also pick up larger particles.

Wet Cleaning Soot Damage

Wet Cleaning involves wiping down surfaces with cloths or sponges, water, or cleaning agents to break up thicker and stickier layers of soot. This method saturates any item that absorbs liquids.

Spray and Wipe Method to Clean Soot Damage

FSRTs use the Spray and Wipe method for applying water or a cleaning agent to materials that become damaged with too much liquid. They can apply smaller amounts that can still break up soot layers. In most cases, SERVPRO technicians use this method with a white cloth.

Foam Cleaning Soot Damage

The Foam Cleaning method uses less water for fabrics that might shrink or bleed color if they become too wet. Upholstered furniture, in particular, is at risk for both. FSRTs can use a pump-up sprayer or agitate foam from a bucket of cleaner by hand. They use a special brush designed to work the particles out of sofas or mattresses.

Abrasive Cleaning for Soot Damage

Abrasive Cleaning has two methods: an abrasive cleaner technicians work into a surface to break up layers, or an abrasive tool, steel wool pads, for example, to dig into the surface. FSRTs restrict using this method on surfaces like brick or rock.

Immersion Cleaning for Soot Damage

Immersion Cleaning is precisely that. Technicians place the item into a tank of cleaning agents to soak and loosen the soot or other contaminants from the item. For heavily covered items, FSRTs also can use ultrasonics to generate bubbles that force the agent through the item.

At SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean, we use every method to return the contents of area homes and those in Jamestown, Olean, and Lakewood to a clean, dry state. If you need us, call today at (716) 338-4901.

SERVPRO Keeps Jamestown Businesses Safe after Flood Damage

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded street with a partially submerged sign that says flood Commercial flooding can be a recipe for disaster. Contact our certified SERVPRO team for effective flood damage remediation services.

Jamestown Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Flood Damage Restoration of Their Establishments

Flood damage to your Jamestown commercial space can put a lot of financial strain on your business. SERVPRO's water damage restoration experts can help you save valuable time during restoration and get your business up and running as soon as possible. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Contaminated water is a major area of concern during flood damage restoration of your Jamestown commercial property. If not addressed properly, the contamination can spread quickly, causing secondary damage and even health effects to people working in the space. 

SERVPRO Uses Safe and Effective Chemical Decontamination Agents during Flood Restoration in Jamestown

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi are commonly found in floodwater. SERVPRO experts use chemical agents called antimicrobials during the water cleanup of your Jamestown property. Some of the agents we typically use are-

  • Phenolics: A broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect on bacteria, fungi, and even viruses commonly used during flood restoration. Many synthetic phenolics also have odor-countering properties as well. 
  • Quaternary Compounds (Quats): Most common type of antimicrobial used during water damage remediation. Quats are also broad-spectrum and have a pleasant smell. These compounds don't lose their activity with time in contrast to phenolics. 
  • Chlorines: Strong oxidizing agents that kill a wide variety of microbes. Chlorines, however, have a strong odor and are hence used rarely. 
  • Botanicals: Antimicrobial agents of natural origin containing thyme oil, thymol, or citric acid. As these are natural compounds and not synthetic, they are eco-friendly. 

Call SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901 for round-the-clock assistance.

Water Restoration Saves Property and Contents in Jamestown Homes

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment We come prepared with the equipment your home needs after water damages occur.

SERVPRO Performs Water Removal Services 24/7 in Jamestown

Flash floods, water heater malfunctions, and burst pipes when homeowners are away are among the top ways the most devastating types of water damage occurs within local properties. 

Water restoration in Jamestown homes can begin anytime the residents need it because SERVPRO technicians are available with their emergency services water damage cleanup 24-hours a day.  This availability alone can make the difference in building materials and articles in the home getting restored or disposed of, elevating the cost of the damage in terms of insurance costs. 

SERVPRO Equipment Makes the Difference in Jamestown Water Clean Up

There are several devices that SERVPRO technicians rely on during water damage mitigation. Upon arrival, the production manager for the team often uses moisture meters to determine if any residual water is underneath flooring or behind walls. Moisture meters are beneficial for use on carpet and padding. This preliminary action also picks the target area for the restoration services. Other detection equipment that techs rely on regularly:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Manometer

When the technicians spend time scoping a home with damage from a water incident, mapping out the actual area requires extraction and drying. This enables SERVPRO techs to perform restoration services with the confidence that no moisture gets left behind.

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901 proudly supports the local Jamestown community with Faster to Any Size Disaster water restoration services needed to get homeowners back to normal.

SERVPRO Brings Professional Fire Damage Cleanup to Every Olean Job

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fire truck Call SERVPRO immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and efficient remediation process.

Olean Homeowners Count on SERVPRO for House Fire Clean UP

Many homeowners assume after a house fire, the only option is to throw anything apparent smoke damage away and bite the bullet for the cost. However, professional fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup can make a huge difference in the number of articles and building materials thought lost to the fire.

SERVPRO's cleaning and restoration services can handle any size fire damage in Olean properties. Also, outsourcing the house fire clean up task to a professional company can normally reduce the cost of the overall fire damage claim by lowering the number of articles that require replacement. This is always the most expensive option in terms of looking at a fire claim from the viewpoint of an insurance adjuster since both costly and inexpensive items get disposed of in the same fashion. Resurfacing is another high dollar option and means the home needs the following:

  • Walls and ceilings require repainting
  • Upholstered furnishings need recovering
  • Wood home contents necessitate refinishing

SERVPRO's technicians have extensive training for all types of smoke damage cleanup and removal, and cleaning articles negate the need for replacement, lessening the cost of the fire. 

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901 is available 24/7 for any kind of fire damage in Olean properties. SERVPRO's certified technicians are Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Brings Years of Experience to Jamestown Commercial Mold Damage Restorations

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician in PPE If you find mold on your property, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO for mold remediation services right away.

Commercial Mold Remediation in Jamestown Gets Professional Help from SERVPRO

One of the best-known people to hail from Jamestown was the actress Lucille Ball, born in 1911. The family moved to Michigan and New Jersey as her father got transferred with his company. However, when Lucy was three years old, her father died of typhoid fever at age 27, and her mother returned with Lucy and her brother to Jamestown to be near family. 

Lucy took acting lessons at the same drama school attended by Bette Davis and later found minor success as a minor character in a string of movies. Her big break came when she won a role in the musical film, ‘Too Many Girls,’ where she also met the man who would become her future husband, Desi Arnaz, who played one of her character's bodyguards in the movie. In 1948, Lucy was asked to develop a ditzy housewife character she portrayed on a radio show into a television show. She came up with her most famous show, ‘I Love Lucy.’ She made a difference throughout her career, notably: 

  • Ball became the first woman to run a production company in 1960
  • She overruled the board and greenlighted the filming of a proposed series, ‘Star Trek’
  • ‘I Love Lucy' was the first TV show to be shot on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience

When Lucy passed away in 1989, she was cremated and initially buried in the Hollywood Hills cemetery. In 2002, her children had her urn moved to the family plot in Jamestown by her mother and grandmother.

Visiting the Lucy and Desi Museum in Jamestown

The "first couple of comedy" has its dedicated museum in Jamestown. The attraction is open seven days a week and honors Lucy and Desi's legacy behind with their original comedy. There are replicas of sets from the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, Ball's various awards, along with costumes worn by both Lucy and Desi. The museum also features rare memorabilia and much more. 

Lucy gets remembered on her birthday every year in Jamestown with a gathering of fans. On  August 6, 2011, which would have been Lucy's 100th birthday, nearly 1000 Lucille Ball lookalikes gathered to set a Guinness World Record for the most lookalikes in one place at a single time. 

SERVPRO Handles Commercial Mold Damage in Jamestown Properties

Mold is always a serious issue when it affects a structure, but never more so when it is present in a commercial property. A business can have its revenue stream grind to a halt during remediation, and if the company waits, the problem can worsen and ruin stock and expensive equipment that needs replacement. 

When SERVPRO takes on commercial mold damage in Jamestown properties, the technicians concentrate on making the property safe for operations and moving out and cleaning items affected by the mold infestation. The initial inspection can help business owners avoid costly replacement of stock and equipment and lessen the time the business needs to remain closed during the mold remediation process. Additional actions that benefit the client during mitigation include:

  • Inspection of the property and contents
  • Remediation performed by certified mold specialists
  • Knowledge and training to handle black mold safely

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901 is ready to help local Jamestown properties with any size mold damage cleanup needed. The trained technicians have the equipment and professional solutions to make the mold infestation, "Like it never even happened."