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Flood Damage Leads to Extensive, Costly Repairs to your Jamestown Property if Not Addressed Quickly

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

A group of SERVPRO workers standing in front of a truck. You can count on our SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean team to knock out your flood damage.

Once a Storm Ravages Your Jamestown Home, Count on SERVPRO to Handle Flood Damage Restoration and Cleaning

Nestled in the heart of Chautauqua County in New York state, Jamestown is a city that is bold and bustling, yet steeped in tradition. After the 2010 U.S. Census was taken, this city had a population of 31,146, which is the largest population throughout the county. In terms of location, you will find Jamestown right between the Allegheny National Forest and stunning Lake Erie. 

Jamestown is also known for some notable people from the region, including Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, actress/comedian Lucille Ball, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant. 

Jamestown, NY – Also Known as Furniture Capital of the World

Once touted “Furniture Capital of the World, Jamestown was a location that people would visit from across the nation to stop at Furniture Mart. This is a building still standing within the city, yet now houses a variety of company offices. The furniture reference is also primarily due to various furniture expositions previously held in the area throughout the years. Although the industry has long left Jamestown, this sleepy little town still celebrates this portion of its rich history.

Museums, Culture, and Historical Jamestown Points of Interest

Whether you are in the area to visit, for business, or to put down roots, Jamestown has something for everyone. In addition to being a renowned destination for fishing and sailing along Chautauqua Lake, some prominent points of interest in the region include:

  • The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History – This facility celebrates the legacy and life of Roger Tory Peterson by promoting and fostering the study and teachings of nature. This culminates in greater responsibility and appreciation of the world around us by continuing to enhance our knowledge.
  • The Jamestown Gateway Train Station – This historic train station was listed in 2003 as part of the National Register of Historic Places and is located in downtown Jamestown at 211-217 West Second Street.
  • The National Comedy Center – Located adjacent to the train station, the comedy center includes a museum and hosts regular events and gatherings for comedians throughout the local area and beyond.
  • The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center – This attraction is dedicated to Lucille Ball, who is the city’s best-known daughter. 
  • The Audubon Center – Here, you will find Liberty, the local bald eagle, which calls this 600-acre nature sanctuary home. Visitors will enjoy hiking paths and about five miles of observation trails to explore.

In addition to the above attractions, Jamestown, NY, is also part of the mainline for the Pennsylvania and Western New York Railroad, which is known for providing freight service. Until the 1970s, there used to be only four railroad companies that worked and traveled throughout the city. 

Dining, Entertainment, and Nightlife in Jamestown

Whether you want to spend a night out on the town or a day shopping with friends, this is an area that has plenty of options. Some of the top stops that are always good for making memories include:

  • Landmark Restaurant: When you want various impeccably crafted dishes with an American cuisine twist, the Landmark Restaurant located on West 4th Street is the place to go. Some favorites on the menu include craft beer and cocktails, seafood dishes, hand-cut steaks, and memorable appetizers.
  • Forte: Well-known for unique cocktails and friendly staff, Forte is a great place to go for date night or some time out with friends. Not only is takeout available, but you can also have your meal at the bar while enjoying the inviting atmosphere.
  • Lena’s Pizza Parlor: When you want something quick and delicious, this is the place to go for everything from pizza and wings to fresh salads and fried foods. 
  • The Pub: Every once in a while, you need to have a local spot that feels like home. The Pub is a little bar and grill that has been operating for many years, which means that the locals can attest to the great food and fantastic staff.

Overall, Jamestown, NY, offers diverse cultural attractions along with plenty of rural and recreational opportunities. With the local ski resorts, nature preserves, golf courses, and the various water sports that you can take part in on the lake, there is never a shortage of things to do. You also have a great history, including two well-known historic districts in the city and plenty of significant architectural buildings to explore. Due to the location within New York, you are also never that far from other notable cities, including Cleveland, Pittsburg, Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto. 

When Flood Damage After a Storm Becomes Apparent in Your Jamestown Home, the Team at SERVPRO is Here to Assist!

A storm can bring with it a lot of destruction, including roof damage and flooding. If you have suffered from flooding in your Jamestown home after a recent storm, the cleanup can become overwhelming. Rather than taking on this task by yourself with DIY methods, hiring IICRC-certified technicians for the cleanup will give you rapid results on a professional level. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, and we are Faster to Any Size Disaster!

If you encounter flood damage in Jamestown, you could have a broad range of contaminants that made their way into your home. Once we arrive at your property, we assess the damage and take note of the contamination levels of the water. Some of the elements that floodwaters may harbor include:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Molds
  • Waterborne Pathogens
  • Chemicals
  • Vermin
  • Fecal Matter, and more

Rapid water extraction limits the exposure to harmful organisms and potential slip and fall hazards within the flood zone. We feature a highly-trained crew to give you the peace of mind you need to know that the job gets handled right the first time.

Due to the nature of flooding and the potential hazards, hiring SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean ensures prompt, high-quality results. You can count on us to clean up your flood damage, including controlled demolition, to restore your interior to make it look “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (716) 338-4901 when you need us, and we will dispatch a crew to your location as soon as possible.

The Santa Claus Lane Parade in Downtown Olean, NY

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Santa and reindeer flying in the sky. Santa is on his way, come out and join the Santa Claus Lane Parade in Downtown Olean.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town and All Olean, NY, Residents are Invited to Join the Fun!

Everyone deserves a bit of holiday cheer this year more than ever. At the end of November, Santa and Mrs. Claus and their friends will be coming to town, and this marks the perfect opportunity for Olean families to get out and enjoy the festivities. The Santa Claus Lane Parade will be going through downtown Olean, followed by the official illumination of the lights throughout the town. Refreshments will be available for purchase – all in attendance will be asked to adhere to local social distancing guidelines for health safety purposes.

  • Date: Friday, November 27, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Location: Downtown Olean, New York
  • Cost: Free

SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean loves to support local events like the Santa Claus Lane Parade through downtown. Why call us when you need help with water removal? We have a team comprised of IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently. To have a crew deployed to your property to start water extraction, call us at (716) 338-4901. It is important to us that your interior is left just “Like it never even happened.”

Jamestown Welcomes Julmarknad – the Swedish Christmas Market

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Two people looking a decorations. Looking for shopping adventures before the holidays? Go check out Julmarknad Swedish Christmas Market.

If You Have Not Experienced a Swedish Christmas Market, this Julmarknad Event in Jamestown, NY is a Must-Do!

When you think about the holiday season, you probably think of craft fairs, local shopping, and feel-good activities. The Julmarknad Swedish Christmas Market has all of these things and more all wrapped into one incredible event, which is taking place at Jamestown Community College. At this year’s Swedish Christmas Market, you will have access to Christmas food sampling, live entertainment, door prices, interactive workshops, and over 15 incredible vendors for unique goods and gift ideas. There will also be additional sites throughout Jamestown offering samples and open houses throughout the day.

  • Date: Saturday, December 5, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Where: Jamestown Community College at 525 Falconer Street in Jamestown, NY
  • Cost: Free and open to the public

SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean believes that the holidays are a time to come together with other locals to enjoy rich traditions and gatherings, such as the Swedish Christmas Market. If you find that you need help within your home detecting and treating mold, you can contact us for a mold inspection. You can reach our certified and trained technicians by calling (716) 338-4901 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit the National Comedy Center in Jamestown

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in driveway Just like Jamestown loves Lucy, SERVPRO loves Jamestown. We look forward to seeing you at the National Comedy Center.

Add the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum to Your Jamestown Tour

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York and together with Desi Arnaz became one of America's most beloved comedy couples, affectionately known as The First Couple of Comedy. The city built the National Comedy Center near the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum. Visitors can book a tour of the comedy center and also receive tickets to visit the museum. While at the museum, visitors can enjoy:

  • Replica sets of their TV home
  • View Lucille Ball's Emmy Awards
  • Costumes
  • Rare Memorabilia and more

At the National Comedy Center, visitors learn about how the nation's comedy developed, try stand-up comedy, and follow comic greats. Guests should plan on two to three hours at the center and another two hours at the museum. Tours run daily Thursday through Monday.

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean provides floodwater extraction and restoration services to Jamestown residential, business customers, and the surrounding area. Call (716) 338-4901. We are available 24/7to help with all flood restoration needs.

Where Can Jamestown Homeowners Get Professional Restoration After a Flood?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

flooded room with a television and dresser floating Repairing your home after flood damage is a challenging task. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation and mitigation services.

To Remediate the Effects of Floods, Jamestown Homeowners Call SERVPRO

How Is a Flood Different from Water Spilled Out of a Split Pipe?

Floodwater comes from outside the residence, bringing in a bit of everything it flowed over before finding its way inside a Jamestown home. This is contaminated water, and SERVPRO divides it into Category 2 which is significant contamination, and Category 3 which is far more intense. Category 1 is what comes out of a pipe and is considered sanitary or clean.

What Actions Do SERVPRO Response Teams Take First?

After they determine the flood damage water category, our Jamestown teams ensure everyone that might enter the home has the proper protective gear. They next isolate any areas not flooded and set up air filtration to ensure that contaminated particles in the damp air are properly directed outside while bringing in clean, dry air.

What Actions Response Teams Take Next?

SERVPRO teams next perform three key tasks to begin restoring area homes:

  • Extract Water and Remove Bulk Debris – Team members use pumps to draw off bulk water and begin removing the debris either washed into the home or created by the water soaking property until it cannot be restored. After removing bulk water and debris, they use smaller extractors to lift water out of carpets and from between floorboards. 
  • Lower Humidity – Team members next add dehumidifiers to the air filtration to remove excess moisture from the air to help increase evaporation. This helps to draw out more contaminants and provide a more comfortable environment.
  • Demolish and Remove Remaining Debris – Carpets cannot be restored, so teams remove them along with other large items such as drywall panels. 

To schedule a service call with SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean or to learn more about what we can do to restore your home after a flood, contact us today at (716) 338-4901. We are here to help return it to a safe, clean condition once again. 

Click here for more information about Jamestown.

What if a Fire Breaks Out Overnight?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

A home with a fire blazing in the night. Fire damage to your home is terrifying regardless of the time of day or night. No matter the time SERVPRO is always here to help you Jamestown.

24-Hour Fire Damage Restoration is Available – Call SERVPRO to Have a Crew Sent to Your Jamestown Home

It is essential that you ensure you and your family are safe once you experience a fire in your Jamestown home. To give you additional peace of mind at this time, know that SERVPRO has you covered when it comes to all cleanup and restoration of your home. We have fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) on our team that helps you to ensure everything gets restored to pre-fire conditions. We are available around the clock, seven days a week, and we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Hiring us to handle your restoration gets you proven on-site cleaning methods along with industrial-grade equipment and skilled controlled demolition services.

Can You Clean All My Belongings?

The idea of losing any of your personal belongings to fire damage in Jamestown is devastating. While a house fire is sometimes unavoidable, we work fast to salvage whatever possible. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the right training to handle our advanced technology to restore rather than replace whenever possible.

In many situations, our team can clean your fire-damaged contents on-site. However, there may be times when we have to remove them using our pack-out services for detailed cleaning off-site. We often bring items to our warehouse to handle extensive soot, smoke, odors, and damage. 

Taking a closer look at cleaning, we have a wide variety of strategies that allow our technicians to remove soiling and odors from your household contents, such as:

  • Chemical Agents – Emulsion often gets used when trying to eliminate stubborn residues. The chemical agents that we have in our arsenal work by protecting the surface while facilitating the removal of smoke and soot residue using pressurized water. 
  • Agitation – For loosening soil buildup on surfaces, our team will sometimes use varying degrees of agitation. Methods involving dusting or steel wool work in terms of light, medium, or heavy agitation.
  • Deodorizers – Smoke damage often goes beyond the zone where the fire took place. We utilize a broad range of EPA-registered products for odor removal along with advanced equipment to help neutralize odorous particles, including thermal fogging machines, hydroxyl machinery, air scrubbers, and ozone generators.

There is Moisture Left from Putting Out the Flames, Now What?

When handling the fire damage, full restoration measures must also include moisture control and water removal. Mold, odors, and moisture are common culprits for secondary damage. These elements not only make the process more time consuming but also costly and pose potential health threats. SERVPRO enlists the help of our moisture detection technology to locate and eradicate any areas of hidden moisture. 

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Mold spores multiply rapidly within just 24 to 72 hours after moisture levels increase within your Jamestown home.
  • While every household contains some mold spores, and they remain dormant until the ultimate conditions arise. Once materials get soaked from the water or chemicals used to douse flames, they become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • SERVPRO takes time to go through each area surrounding the loss zone to locate moisture, including spaces behind baseboards, under your flooring, and behind walls.
  • Once all areas are dry and thoroughly cleaned, we apply EPA-certified antimicrobial solutions to inhibit mold growth.

Will All Traces of Smoke Get Eliminated?

Smoke odors after a fire become an understandable worry of most homeowners. Any smoke or soot left behind turns into a constant reminder of the event while also leading to further damage due to corrosion and discoloration of some surface areas. When smoke particles make their way into your ductwork, you run the risk of foul odors sprouting up whenever your heating or cooling gets used. SERVPRO technicians sometimes use special sealants and techniques to treat your HVAC system so that this does not happen. 

Whenever particles are present yet invisible to the naked eye, our team formulates a multi-layer deodorization approach. We use chemical deodorants with our thermal fogging equipment to bind to odor molecules for easier removal. Air scrubber technology is also convenient for pulling particulates from the air to filter through the onboard HEPA filter.

What About Structural Concerns?

When you have a house fire, it is natural to become concerned about structural integrity. Our crew enters the home and begins inspecting all structural elements to ensure structural integrity and safety. For any areas that call for further attention, we use controlled demolition and stabilization measures to bring your home back to preloss condition. Some of the areas that we address beyond structural concerns include:

  • Drywall removal
  • Carpet repair and installation
  • Flooring repair or replacement
  • HVAC services
  • Plumbing 
  • Board-up and tarping
  • Painting, and more

SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean is available 24 hours a day to ensure you have the reliable fire damage restoration you need. Call (716) 338-4901 to have a crew deployed to your location!

What are the Necessary Steps to Restore the Damage Following a Grease Fire in a Restaurant?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Empty restaurant, ready for diners Don't let a kitchen fire close your restaurant. Call SERVPRO!

Protein Residue can be Challenging to Remove. Calling a Team of Professional Fire Restoration Technicians Makes the Work More Efficient 

It is not unusual for a Jamestown restaurant kitchen to catch on fire. With food always on the burners and ovens, it is almost a matter of time before an accident occurs, and a grease fire erupts. Regardless of the staff's quick response with a fire extinguisher or the rapid arrival of firefighters, the odds are that soot and smoke travel fast throughout the kitchen and into the main dining area. Before you set up to clean the residue on your own, let a reputable crew of fire restoration technicians tailor a plan for your needs.  

Restaurant owners in Jamestown can leave fire damage restoration to our SERVPRO team. We understand that reopening and resuming normal operations is essential to your livelihood and work diligently to reduce the time you remain closed to your patrons. Whenever possible, our crew isolates the affected area and prevents damage in other restaurant areas. We coordinate with authorities and guidelines specific to the restaurant industry, so your eatery is running as soon as possible. 

What makes a protein fire hard to clean up?

Protein such as meat and poultry leave a distinguished type of residue behind. The thick and yellowish stain is tough to remove, as is the strong odor lingering in the air. When our SERVPRO fire restoration crew arrives, we consider the chemical composition of whatever burned and the nature of the cleaning surfaces.   

Fixtures in your restaurant made of natural elements such as wood require a different treatment than those made of vinyl, for example. Our extensive training prepares us to care for both. The following steps are essential to our success in restoring your place: 

  • Pre-treatment of affected areas to prevent damage caused by abrasive cleaners
  • HEPA vacuuming and sponge drying to loosed soot and make it easier to remove
  • Use of odor removal techniques such as air scrubbers and thermal foggers 

At SERVPRO of Jamestown/Olean, we take a comprehensive approach to fire restoration. When you call us at (716) 338-4901, you can count on us addressing each aspect of fire damage in our work. Like you, we want your restaurant to feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Who Should I call if there's a Musty Smell in my Olean Home?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing in property Call us at (716) 338-4901 whenever you need us and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Musty Smells in your Olean Home can Signal a Water Leak, Call a Water Restoration Technician for Help

Whether you are moving into a new home in Olean or have lived in the same place for years, you need to be alert to any changes in your environment. If you suddenly detect a musty smell and think there may be water a water leak or accumulation behind your walls, you are probably right. Rather than guess where the source of the problem is, call a reputable water restoration team.

Homeowners in Olean in need of water cleanup and restoration services can call SERVPRO for access to the knowledge and expertise of our team. Regardless of the size of your emergency, our team is ready to handle it by applying the latest industry best practices to restore your home while mitigating the damage. As soon as it is safe for us to enter your home, we arrive and set up protection barriers to prevent cross-contamination into other rooms. Our goal is to mitigate your loss and be as efficient as possible in returning your home to mint condition.

Why is moisture a danger to my home?

Some humidity is part of your home's environment, but it can cause trouble when that average level changes. Excess moisture in the air can cause your floors to cup, your laminate flooring to delaminate, and your walls to show discoloration. Although consequences sound esthetic, they indicate that the area is suitable for bacteria to multiply and become a threat to your health. To restore humidity levels, our SERVPRO team can take some of the following actions:

• Use infrared and thermal imaging to identify areas with excessive moisture, even those hiding behind cabinets and under your floors
• Use Injectidry technology to move warm air through your wall cavities and accelerate the evaporation of excess moisture
• Inspect your ventilation system and apply cleaning solutions as appropriate to avoid the spread of bacteria throughout your home

SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean is at your service for restoration services, big or small. Call us at (716) 338-4901 whenever you need us and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

How Can Residents Prevent Bathroom Water Damage?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

Inside view of bathroom; vanity, toilet, and tub Inspect your bathroom often for signs of water damage.

Jamestown Homeowners Do Not Want to Deal with Potentially Costly Water Damage  

The bathroom is often one of the most challenging rooms to keep clean in your Jamestown home – especially if you have children! The floors can get slippery, and it is all too easy to splash water around. 

Water damage to Jamestown bathrooms can be costly and inconvenient. Imagine the hassle if you need to replace the bath or sink, for example. It is far better to prevent water damage if you can. 

What are the risks of water damage in the bathroom? 

If left untreated, water damage can cause: 

  • Warping or staining of the floor coverings
  • Mold growth in damp areas, which can then spread to the rest of your home
  • Swelling or bubbling drywall
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Damaged seals around the tub or sink  

How can I prevent water damage? 

There are several tasks you can perform to prevent water damage. SERVPRO recommends:  

  • Mop up all spills immediately, including wet footprints on the floor and splashes from enthusiastic children
  • Keep seals intact – repair or replace cracked tiles and degraded grout as soon as you notice them
  • Only flush toilet paper in the toilet, as other items can cause blockages that lead to water damage
  • Use bathmats and shower curtains to help protect against spills and splashes, and replace them when they look worn
  • Use the exhaust fan when showering or taking a bath, and use a dehumidifier to keep your bathroom drier 

SERVPRO suggests carrying out regular examinations of all fittings and fixtures to check for pooling or dripping water. You might also consider replacing older fixtures if they are showing signs of wear and tear. Newer toilets and faucets are more water-efficient too. 

What are some water damage signs? 

Watch for the following signs:  

  • Water stains on the walls or ceiling
  • Mold colonies growing anywhere in the bathroom
  • Peeling wallpaper, bubbling drywall, or soft areas on the walls (run your hands over the walls to check)
  • Toilets running or failing to fill correctly
  • A damp odor 

If you see signs of water damage, call SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean immediately. We are available 24 hours, and we are Faster To Any Size Disaster. It is better to contact us sooner rather than later to prevent further damage. 

How does SERVPRO detect water damage?  

We train our technicians to the Institute of Inspection, Restoration, and Cleaning Certification standards, which means they are experts in water damage remediation theory and practice. 

Our visit begins with assessing the water damage in your bathroom, which does not mean just looking at the damage. Our teams use a range of equipment to measure moisture levels in your bathroom. For example, we use both penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters to test the moisture level of materials, and we use thermo-hygrometers to measure humidity levels in the air.  

We use infrared imaging to look inside walls and behind baseboards, letting us track moisture movement throughout the structure and assess how deep the damage goes. 

Why is moisture testing necessary in the bathroom? 

Visual information alone does not give reliable data. Moisture testing tells us the precise situation and shows us potential hidden sources of moisture. Having exact data to hand means we can draw up the best drying plan for the case and deal with hidden damp areas. Because we can be more thorough, we can better prevent further damage and lower the risk of fungal growth. 

What happens next? 

We will tell you about our drying plan and ensure you are happy with it. If there is already fungal growth due to water damage, we will set up containment around the bathroom to prevent spores from escaping.  

The first step is to mop up any standing water and deal with any sanitation issues (for example, if the toilet is overflowing.) Our team will let you know which items in the bathroom are salvageable and which are not.   

Your bathroom may need some structural repairs, such as replacing tiles or grout, or removing and replacing water-damaged drywall or wallpaper. SERVPRO will either carry out repairs or, if necessary, bring in specialist contractors. We supervise contractors to ensure they treat your bathroom with the same care and attention they would like in their own homes.  

Drying is an essential part of water damage remediation. We can bring in dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans to reduce moisture levels in the air and help dry your bathroom more swiftly.   

Before we leave, we will deodorize your bathroom so that it smells clean and fresh.  

For help with water damage in your bathroom, call SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901.

How Do Restoration Technicians Dry Large Commercial Spaces Efficiently?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse with drying equipment SERVPRO has state of the art equipment to thoroughly dry your property. We work quickly to get you back to business as usual. Call us today.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Restoration Technicians in Jamestown Perform Regular Monitoring of Drying Process to Ensure Minimum Business Interruption.

What is monitoring during the restoration process?

No two water emergencies are the same. For Jamestown businesses, it is not uncommon to have unique architecture or open-plan spaces. These larger spaces can counteract conventional drying methods and may require a tailored approach. Once demolition, water extraction, and cleaning processes are complete, SERVPRO technicians can set up drying equipment in the property. Drying out residual moisture takes significantly longer than pumping or extracting. However, it is essential to ensure that your business premises do not suffer secondary issues like mold growth. Technicians frequently monitor the drying process to optimize drying conditions on your premises.

What are the principles of dry monitoring?

- Inspect, observe and document areas of the property

- Consider and apply potential changes by repositioning equipment

- Adjust the drying system by bringing in or removing equipment

What equipment is used for monitoring?

Monitoring equipment for commercial water damage restoration in your Jamestown business relies on specific detection devices. This equipment may include hygrometers, sensors, or moisture meters. Usually, our technicians combine these readings with initial impressions and experience. Checking that dehumidifiers are pulling enough moisture out of the air is one example of monitoring. If the results could be improved, we could deploy more dehumidifiers or remove air-movers from the environment to speed up drying times. Repositioning equipment may also be sufficient to dry walls or other areas.

When is the restoration complete?

- Once drying equipment is removed from the property

- After a Crew chief conducts a final walkthrough with you to explain work done

- When you the premises manager sign a certificate of satisfaction

Re-opening your business quickly and minimizing your potential loss of revenue depends upon efficient drying methods. Contact SERVPRO of Jamestown / Olean at (716) 338-4901.