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Trust the Pros: How Fire Damage Restoration Works

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Trust the Pros: How Fire Damage Restoration Works

Fire in a home or fire in a business establishment can be life changing, and not in a good way. Unbeknownst to those who have not experienced it, the fire cleanup can be just as frustrating as the fire damage itself. This is because there are myriad hidden and secondary problems that come along with fire damage restoration, regardless if it is fire damage in a home or commercial fire damage. Smoke damage, soot damage, and even smoke smells left behind by the blaze continue to plague homeowners and business owners for years if the fire damage restoration is not handled properly. A professional restoration company can relieve much of the stress involved in restoration of residential and commercial fire damage, by following tried and true methodical fire cleanup procedures.

The first step in fire damage restoration for a professional restoration company is to send out an inspection and assessment team. This team will observe the fire damage, and prioritize which problems need immediate attention and what fire damage was simply cosmetic. Commercial fire damage can be especially harsh on structures depending upon what materials the business had on hand, and the extent of the fire in the business establishment. The inspection and assessment experts from the restoration company will identify if the commercial fire damage will require specialized tools or methods to remove more advanced smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

If the restoration company determines it is necessary, the next step is typically referred to as board up. As the term implies, board up is where the restoration company will literally board up broken windows and doors caused by fire damage or fire crews putting out the inferno. The board up step is done early on in the process to prevent the outside element from causing additional damage to the property.

The next stage seems counter intuitive, as instead of dealing with fire cleanup it turns to water cleanup. As it turns out, smoke damage, soot damage, smoke smells and other types of fire damage are not the only mutilations to a structure during a fire. This is because fire crews utilize massive amounts of water to douse flames when there is a fire in a home or business. The large amount of water can cause the same damage to an establishment as a flood or burst pipe. Therefore, professionals ensure that standing water and excessive moisture are removed before proceeding with the fire cleanup.

Once the water cleanup is complete, the cleanup process turns to the smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smells left behind by the fire. Clean up teams are typically very experienced in identifying these types of damage, and are particularly careful in removing soot and smoke stains from everything. Smoke and fire are permeating, causing this particular task to be herculean for cleanup teams. Thus, many business and homeowners who experience a fire in a home or fire in a business turn to professionals to accomplish the chore.

After teams have removed all of the soot damage and smoke stains from the establishment, the next step in fire damage restoration is cleaning and repair of damage to the structure. This involves removing and disposing of all the debris created when a building endures a fire, and repairing or replacing key structural deficiencies caused by the fire. Fire can be extremely damaging to the structural integrity of a home, making this an exceptionally important step. No home or business owner would wish to go through the fire cleanup process only to have their establishment be condemned or collapse because of a previous fire.

When cleaning and repair of structural problems is complete teams enter the final step, restoration. Fire in a home and fire in a business are very damaging, and after the inferno stops home and business owners want to return to normalcy. Therefore, the final step of restoration includes replacing damaged cosmetic affects such as drywall, paint, carpeting, and etcetera which allows the home or business owner to have close to their original establishment back. When finished, the restoration from burned husk to home or business is complete, and the owner of the building can return to their life before the fire.
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